• Servicenow
    A SaaS Nexgen Assurance Platform
  • 1200+multi-technology applications automated for 50+ Global Enterprise customers
    using Tricentis TOSCA Test Suite
    Manage, Integrate, Maintain and Monitor different tools used for different phases of DevOps Cycle using
    Transitus NexGen DevOps Continuous Integration Platform
  • Automate Schlumberger Petrel application using TOSCA and Eliminate
    90% of the testing effort and time spent by Geoscientists

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“Transitus NexGen services has focused mainly on Tricentis TOSCA Test Suite as the automation tool from the inception of the organization. The user friendliness, addressing features precisely the testing challenges faced by enterprise customers and long-term vision, are the key reasons to embrace Tricentis TOSCA Test Suite solely as an automation tool for us.

Transitus NexGen Consultants continue to work on different applications / technologies across global enterprise customers in their journey as TOSCA Functional and Technical consultants, thus enriching their experience of automation using Tricentis TOSCA Test Suite.

Transitus NexGen Consultants have played key role in increasing the maturity level and productivity of testers while using TOSCA as an automation tool. “

DevOps Platform for Continuous Integration and Testing

Transitus NexGen DevOps Continuous Integration Platform is a single platform which allows you to manage, integrate, maintain and monitor different tools used for different phases of DevOps Cycle. The platform is developed using .Net Framework 4.6 and automates the DevOps process with simple steps. The platform works for all applications built on both Java and .Net technologies.

The platform reduces the total effort and time spent in configuring all the tools by 75% as against manual process. Eliminates the need to manage different tools used in each phase of DevOps cycle individually. No niche skilled resources required to install and integrate.

DevOps Platform

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