DevOps Continuous Integration Platform

DevOps Platform for Continious Integration and Testing

Transitus DevOps CI Platform is a single platform which allows to manage, integrate, maintain and monitor different tools used for different phases of DevOps cycle.

The platform automates Dev-Ops process with simple steps - Install, Configure and Integrate,.We would be glad to demonstrate the DevOps CI Platform at a convenient time for you & your team members.

Transitus DevOps CI Platform works based on “As a service” model and its very cost effective for Agile delivery projects.

DevOps Platform
  • Developed using .Net Framework 4.6 and uses Remote Procedure Calls in core to integrate and handle target tools.

  • Target can be either Web or Desktop Application

  • Server configurations can be managed within the Platform.

  • Logs maintained for each process run to help the user identify the cause in case of failure at a phase in DevOps Cycle.

  • Different options for Admin type and Agent Type users.


Key Features of the platform

  • Works for Applications built on Java and .Net platforms

  • Target Applications can be either Web or Desktop Applications

  • Both Local and Server configurations can be managed within the Platform

  • Deploys the package in multiple test environments

  • Integrated with test automation suite “Tricentis TOSCA” and performance testing tool “Neoload”

  • Parallel Installation of GIT & TOSCA tools in multiple remote machines

Key Benefits of the platform

  • 75% Reduced Effort/Time as against manual process

  • 80% Reduced cost to operate, as the platform is automated

  • One Click Deployment Approach to run in contrast to running individually on each tool separately.

  • Eliminates need of multiple SME’s to install & integrate

  • Triggers Selenium, TOSCA & Neoload test automation scripts directly from the platform

Upcoming Features of the platform

  • Integration with test automation suite “Worksoft” and performance testing tool “Parasoft”

  • UAT Approval Process for deploying in UAT Environment

  • DevOps Platform for SAP and Oracle

  • Deploys the package in multiple test environments

  • Dashboard and Analytics

  • Procure Neoload Licenses directly from the platform