SAP IS-U NXTGen Accelerator Suite

Leading Utility company responsible for the public Water supply and Waste water treatment


SAP IS-Utilities



The Client

The Client is one of the leading UK Water supply and waste water treatment company, responsible for water management and supply, and waste water treatment and disposal, in the catchment areas of two of Britain's largest rivers.


Customer Challenges

  • Rollout of large SAP Programme to meet Regulatory Compliance Requirements in a limited duration

  • Limited number of business users to support testing

Transitus Solutions

  • Development of SAP IS-U NXTGen Accelerator Suite for most used SAP Transaction codes

  • Reduced Testing Effort / Schedule using SAP IS-U NXTGen Accelerator Suite

Benefits Achieved

  • NXTGen Suite cost – 7 times lesser then the development cost

  • Ready to use automated SAP IS-U Transaction codes from system testing to User Acceptance Testing.

  • Progressive Test Approach

  • Reduced Business User Involvement

  • Reduced Test Effort/Schedule