Parasoft's Continuous Testing Platform allows users to create test cases, virtual services, and test data right from their browser.

Parasoft's Continuous Testing Platform with its test environment manager module allows

  • Test Environment Configuration
  • Environment Health Checks
  • Dynamic Test Environments

Parasoft's Continuous Testing Platform helps dev/test teams capture, manage, share, and repurpose realistic test data, reducing data friction and enabling better testing.

The Service Virtualization module of the Continuous Testing Platform connects to Parasoft Virtualize to open up this capability to the broader team, with centralized management of assets that can be leveraged by dynamic test environments.

Parasoft SOAtest provides complete end-to-end testing for complex omni-channel applications and plugs directly into the API Testing module of the Continuous Testing Platform. This enables entire teams to quickly create API tests as well as access and execute any SOAtest test artifact directly from their browser.