SAP ECC6.0 NextGen Suite

SAP Landscape are continuously changing due to changes in SAP Modules based on the customer SAP business process changes, to the connected applications with SAP and changes to the system environment. These changes call for a thorough testing of SAP systems. Testing manually will involve lot of effort, time and cost in addition to the risks associated to the human errors.

Transitus in partnership with Tricentis have developed "SAP Test Automation Next Gen ERP Accelerator Package" which includes around 670 Reusable automated SAP Transaction codes across SAP MM, SD, FICO, PM, PS, Asset, QM, Costing Modules suitable for SAP ECC 6.0 and SAP HANA Environment using TOSCA scriptless test automation tool , thus increasing the testing productivity and efficiency.

"SAP HR Test Automation Accelerator Package" including 100 Reusable automated SAP HR Transaction codes covering Master Data, Organisation management, Payroll, Recruitment and Time Management using TOSCA scriptless test automation tool. "SAP Test Automation Next Gen ERP or HR Accelerator Package" can be installed, configured to meet customer specific requirements using TOSCA Synchronization with very minimal time. The reusable automated transaction codes can be used for System testing, System Integration testing and Regression testing.

Innovation is the key focus for every organization and customer for enhanced quality, faster delivery and reduced cost. Though test automation has been in the market for a long time, need of skilled scripting resources, high run and maintenance costs have slowed down the implementation.

Next generation scriptless test automation tools have changed the outlook of test automation within the project and business team, due to the user friendliness in NXTGen automation tools. Tricentis TOSCA is model based test automation tool, leaders in the test automation as per Gartner Report 2016. TOSCA is a very flexible tool which can be easily tailored to support any technologies apart from its standard support to SAP, Oracle, Siebel, Salesforce, .NET, JAVA technologies. This has made possible to automate End to End Business Scenarios including SAP and Connected Applications, thus resolving one of the business users challenges

Transitus in collaboration with Tricentis has taken one step ahead in test automation by bringing in the concept of NXTGen Accelerated automation through pre-automated, reusable and easily maintainable SAP Transaction codes. We reduce the test design automation effort and cost through NXTGen Accelerator Suites developed for SAP ECC6.0 and other SAP Industry solutions.

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SAP NXTGen Accelerator Suite Implementation Roadmap
Replacing Test Automation with NXTGen Accelerated Automation for SAP

SAP IS-U NextGen Suite

The SAP Utilities (IS-U) component is a sales and information system that supports all business processes and utility services of a utility company. You can use IS-U for managing and billing residential, commercial and industrial, and prospective customers. This component also allows you to manage and bill customers who receive services, purchase goods, or pay fees and taxes.

Along with standard SAP R/3, SAP provides solutions that cater to the special demands of a particular Industry and are seamlessly integrated with the components of standard SAP. These are called Industry Specific solutions. Here is a brief overview of SAP's Industry Specific Solution for Utilities Industry called SAP IS-U.

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SAP IS-Retail NextGen Suite

The SAP IS-Retail is a completely integrated retailing system. It maps the complete set of business processes required for competitive assortment strategies, different retail formats, and logistics and distribution. It provides all the functions necessary for modelling business processes in a retail company.

Transitus has taken one step ahead in test automation by bringing in the concept of NXTGen Accelerated automation through pre-automated, reusable and easily maintainable SAP Transaction codes. We reduce the test design automation effort and cost through NXTGen Accelerator Suites developed for SAP IS- Retail.

By SAP IS-Retail Package, we can help you fast track testing results with less time for the automation for the SAP testing process. As a result, you can achieve the following:

  • Reduced Cost in SAP Testing, more funds available for the new projects
  • Less Errors, removing the manual testing, time saving
  • Removing the multiple test repositories, as one centralized Repository
  • Free up the Test Team to work on the different projects
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SAP S/4 HANA Finance NXTGen Accelerator Suite

SAP FIORI brings the user to use in an easy way in role based User Interface, which is very easy to understand the screen, easy to input the data. The design of SAP FIORI brings the work in new kind of the environment, which is very easy compare to normal SAP GUI. This is the excellent design of excellence. With FIORI UI we can do following.

  • Improve user productivity by simple UI. Automating day to day activities across multiple devices.
  • Easily any user can adopt this UI is tailored, as the user gets the user based roles.
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Oracle Customer care and billing

Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) is a complete billing and customer care application for utilities serving residential, commercial and industrial customers. It is designed to cater for utilities that may have a few thousand customers to those that have many millions of customers.

Oracle Utilities CC&B includes a portal that provides a 360 degree view of the customer. This provides a firm foundation for the contact center as it displays a variety of customer / account information of most concern to customer service staff. The portal improves productivity by providing access to commonly needed information and thus reduces clicks and needless navigation to view customer / account details.

  • Configure easily to meet unique needs, minimizing customizations
  • Upgrade quickly, lowering risk and total cost of ownership
  • Scale from a few thousand to many millions of customers
  • Enable call center staff to deliver superior customer service
  • Support prebuilt integrations in the Oracle Utilities suite
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