Transitus with 50+ TOSCA Functional and Technical test consultants deliver the world class test automation for Enterprise, Web, JAVA and Multi-technology applications using TOSCA.

Transitus helps our customers to implement TOSCA Test suite successfully for their landscape ensuring

Implementing TOSCA Best Practices

Tosca Best Practices for Automation

  • Use standard controls

  • — Each technology has its own set of standard controls, which are supported by Tosca out-of-the-box. Therefore we recommend that you use these controls as much as possible.

  • Use unique, static and stable characteristics to identify control elements

  • — Unique means that the ID appears on the screen only once.
  • — Static means that the ID has no dynamic components, such as randomly generated strings.
  • — Stable means that the ID is the same in each and every version of the application.
  • — Relative IDs can be used to steer controls which do not have stable IDs

  • Use pre-determined workflows

  • Save time by using an efficient user interface: masks that contain a high number of elements may slow your test runs down.

  • — Avoid using tables that contain a large number of data entries.
  • — Apply filters to huge tables, if necessary

  • HTML application complies with prevailing HTML standards

  • Avoid frames

  • Use existing standard properties (e.g. Attribute 'ID' instead of 'MyCustomID'.)

Integrating TOSCA with HP ALM, JIRA, Jenkins, Tasktop etc

Integrating TOSCA

Implementing TOSCA Continuous Integration and Distributed Execution

TOSCA Continuous Integration

Implementing Exploratory Testing Assistant – A process of learning a product, designing and executing tests, and interpreting test results – all at the same time

Exploratory Testing Assistant

Extension of TOSCA Application Programming Interface (API)

TOSCA Application Programming Interface

Assist in optimizing test cases by minimizing the number of test cases needed to achieve the highest possible risk contribution for each test case

risk contribution

Minimize test case maintenance efforts through re-usable attribute structures and simple drag/drop operation

re-usable attribute structures

Help in achieving Return of Investment (ROI)

achieving Return of Investment (ROI)

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