Transitus is a proud partner of Tricentis working closely to build TOSCA talent globally. Transitus has successfully trained more then 300+ test consultants in TOSCA for Corporate SI’s. We also help individual test consultants with training and certification to make a career in TOSCA. A well-defined TOSCA Career path developed by Tricentis is as below

Certification and training map

Tasks and Roles Mapping

Task Description Automation specialist Test design specialist Automation engineer Tosca Architect
Functional Testing of GUI and Non-GUI application Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom control development No No Yes Yes
Test design/Test data management No No No Yes

Roles and Deliverables

Automation Specialist

Automation Specialist will know how to automate test cases for systems that are steered using either a user interface or an API, for example, browser applications or web services.

Key deliverables of Automation Specialist

  • Control recognition
  • Usage of steering parameters and dynamic values
  • Execution on different browsers
  • Reusing modules
  • Usage of templates
  • Setting conditions
  • XML Automation
  • Web Services test automation

Our Recommended Training Plan

Test Design Specialist

Test design specialist will gain comprehensive and detailed knowledge in defining the required tests, identifying an optimal test strategy based on the expected test efforts, and monitoring the test coverage as well as the overall quality.

Test design specialist will be able to specify the required test data and evaluate the outcome of the testing conducted in each test cycle. An additional focus of this role is the use of Test Data Management features in Tosca.

Key deliverables

  • Risk-based testing
  • Weighting Requirements
  • Combining Attributes
  • Specification and Verification
  • Integration of new Attributes
  • Linking Instances
  • Relations (combination of dependent structures)
  • Classes
  • Maintaining test sheets
  • Preparing for TDM
  • Registering test data into TDM
  • Retrieving and Modifying TDM data
  • End- to-End Testing
  • Test Case structures

Our Recommended Training Plan

Automation Engineer

Automation engineers will learn to adjust and modify the steering options in Tosca to work with customized controls in a system under test. As an automation engineer, you will be able to expertly utilize Tosca´s automation capabilities.

Key deliverables of Automation Engineer

  • Automating Win32 Engine
  • Automating UIA Engine
  • Automating Java Engine
  • Image based automation
  • PDF Compare

Our Recommended Training Plan

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