Transitus helps our customers to evaluate the feasibility of test automation using TOSCA for their Enterprise, Web and Mobile applications.

TOSCA contains a broad set of technology adaptors and these adaptors offer a certain level of "out of the box" object recognition. In reality there is always a gap between what can be recognised by a standard adapter and what customer applications require. To allow E2E Business process automation, the applications under test must be entirely supported by the tool. Therefore, the respective adapters need to be extended accordingly.

TOSCA Adapter concept is highly flexible and can be easily extended to address the gaps and offer full business steer ability(= full object recognition + understanding of logical meaning of the controls)

Pilot /Proof of Concept Services

  • We help to extend TOSCA Application Programming Interface (API) to automate Web, .NET, JAVA, UIA and multi- technology applications, thus ensuring higher test automation coverage.

  • TOSCA Technical consultants analyze gap between TOSCA out of box functionality and application.

  • Customize to close gap if needed and automate defined test cases using TOSCA model based test automation and evaluate application measure and findings



Certification and training map

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