Experience a Testing Revolution with SNAP
SNAP: Transforming SaaS and Web Applications Testing Through Intelligent Innovation
Experience the future of testing with SNAP

– a revolution that enhances your software testing process.

SNAP, the game-changer in SaaS and Web Applications testing, leverages advanced intelligence to analyze and validate your customized business functionalities.

Discover how SNAP is reshaping SaaS and web applications testing by infusing intelligence into customized business functionalities:

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Accelerated Testing

SNAP's intelligent engine propels your testing phase, resulting in a significantly reduced testing schedule.

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Tailored Solutions

SNAP's versatility shines through as it can be effortlessly tailored to support a wide range of custom web applications, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique needs.

Unlock Success with SNAP: How SNAP Can Propel You Forward
SNAP: Transforming Software Testing for Next-Generation SaaS Applications

SNAP is meticulously engineered to address the critical challenges often encountered throughout the testing lifecycle. These issues include the absence of business/domain expertise among testers when crafting use cases, the substantial resources and costs associated with manual testing, streamlining automation of regression test suites, effective test maintenance, and curtailing the high expenses related to automation tool licenses.

The intelligence infused into SNAP guarantees the seamless and successful testing of next-generation SaaS applications, thanks to its distinct and innovative features.


Achieve 100% Automation Coverage and Execution

What Sets SNAP Apart:
A Comparative Look at SNAP vs. Other Tools

SNAP: The Dynamic End-to-End Testing Lifecycle Platform, Setting It Apart from Traditional Automation Tools SNAP stands out as a dynamic end-to-end testing lifecycle platform, distinct from conventional automation tools. It revolutionizes the testing process with its innovative features:

1 Automated Test Case Generation
SNAP generates dynamic, optimized, and real-time test cases seamlessly, eliminating the need for manual intervention. This significantly shortens the testing cycle time.
2 Intelligent Execution Engine
SNAP's intelligent execution engine effortlessly runs test cases without requiring automation development, ensuring 100% automated coverage. No longer do you depend on Automation SMEs for execution.
3 Change Impact Analysis
SNAP includes a change impact analysis feature to simplify test maintenance.
4 Business Metrics Dashboard
Keep track of your testing efforts, schedules, and costs with SNAP's Business Metrics Dashboard, providing valuable insights for every test run.
Uncover the Power of SNAP for Your Testing Needs

Exploring SNAP Features

We work with your company to identify position requirements, implement recruitment programs, and
initiate employee assessments that maximize recruitment efforts

Dynamic Test Case Generation and Change Impact Analysis

Eliminates the huge manual effort in preparing and maintaining the test cases based on the business requirements

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Test cases verification processes and Automated Defect Logging

Ensures early defect identification in the testing lifecycle, enabling early defect fix before test execution

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Intelligent Test Cases Execution and Distributed Execution

Eliminates the automation development phase and the need forautomation SME's.

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Business Process Dependency Diagram

Helps to validate the business requirements at high level

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Bi-Directional Traceability

SNAP’s bidirectional traceability allows the user to map the requirements from any test management platform with the test cases generated through SNAP automatically.

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Reporting and Dashboard

Business value dashboard focused in providing the management team with accurate testing time, effort and cost

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