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Automated Testing is simple, Fun and Effective using SNAP

Nithya Muthuswamy - January 15, 2020 - 0 comments

Automated Testing is simple, fun and effective using SNAP

As a tester, I have been part of the tedious lifecycle of manually identifying the requirements, investing hours or days or weeks or months effort to generate relevant manual test cases, only to have them validated and reworking on the same because they missed certain requirements, followed by hours of manual testing each step in the test cases. In case of failure of the test cases, manual effort to log a defect and the following the bug-life cycle. Once after this complete, identify the high impact, most used features and then work with the Automation SME’s, who would then spend a lot more effort, to generate relevant automation models, either through script or scan.

With a thought to ensure, the test resource is freed up of all the manual effort, we at Transitus NexGen decided to develop a platform that had all the capabilities along with many other added features. The result is SNAP.

We are in an era, where everything we use, needs to be intelligent, smart, dynamic and have the auto-healing capabilities.

SNAP (SaaS NexGen Assurance Platform), is an automated end-to-end test lifecycle platform that :

  • Intelligently identifies the configurations that exist on any SaaS/Web application,

  • Dynamically generates real-time manual test cases, that ensures there is 100% requirement coverage,

  • Seamlessly integrates with Repository Management tools and Defect Management Tools, to ensure automated test cases validation and automated defect logging is happening,

  • Automated Execution of all the test cases generated, without the user requiring to either script or scan.

Apart from this, SNAP also ensures:

  • End-To-End testing across multiple application, is handled on the same platform,

  • Continuous Testing capabilities is built in, to put into practise the Shift-Left Testing Approach,

  • API testing,

  • Maintenance effort and cost of the test cases are reduced by almost 90%, by using the inbuilt Impact Analysis feature.

Few of the myths around testing such as 100% of testing cannot be automated, Testing is expensive, Testing is time-consuming, etc... are debunked and SNAP ensures all these myths and many more are deemed irrelevant.

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