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Transitus NexGen Innovative Solutions in partnership with Parasoft
develops Center of Excellence covering Parasoft products as below.


Parasoft Virtualize

With Virtualize, create, deploy, and manage simulated development or test environments. Virtualize can create realistic simulations by monitoring existing behavior, enabling users with limited expertise to quickly create reliable test environments.

Virtualize helps development and QA teams access the complete, realistic test environments needed to develop or test an application.


Platform as a Service

Transitus NexGen Innovative Solutions provides Platform as a Service model to deploy Parasoft Virtualize in the Cloud either using Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS platform. Virtualize will be deployed using Dynamic Infrastructures deployment approach for enabling dynamic, disposable test environments.

Dynamic Infrastructures provide advanced flexibility for extreme automation.

Scope of the services would include the below

  • Cloud infrastructure management.

  • Building and deploying the test and virtual assets

  • All the necessary software like Java, Firewalls and Anti-virus will be regularly monitored and updated as and when available.

  • Technical support in the event of failures or unavailability of the service in the form of logs from Parasoft/Events on the Server

  • Enabling and Disabling ports on demand on the cloud instance to listen the incoming requests.

  • Support for installation and maintenance of Parasoft tools and assets on the cloud server.

  • Traffic monitoring to stop the exposed service and ports being misused by an un-authorised person.

  • Giving access to specific domain and hosts.

Parasoft Continuous Testing Platform

Parasoft's Continuous Testing Platform allows users to create test cases, virtual services, and test data right from their browser. Parasoft's Continuous Testing Platform helps dev/test teams capture, manage, share, and repurpose realistic test data, reducing data friction and enabling better testing.

The Service Virtualization module of the Continuous Testing Platform connects to Parasoft Virtualize to open up this capability to the broader team, with centralized management of assets that can be leveraged by dynamic test environments.

Parasoft's Continuous Testing Platform with its test environment manager module allows

  • Test Environment Configuration

  • Environment Health Checks

  • Dynamic Test Environments

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