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Tosca test suite consultants

Transitus NexGen Innovative Solutions has the best TOSCA
Consultants in India. we offer the following services


Transitus NexGen Innovative Solutions in partnership with Parasoft
develops Center of Excellence covering Parasoft products as below.

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TOSCA Technical Services

TOSCA contains a broad set of technology adapters and these adapters offer a certain level of “out of the box” object recognition. In reality there is always a gap
between what can be recognized by a standard adapter and what customer applications require. To allow E2E Business process automation, the applications
under test must be entirely supported by the tool. Therefore, the respective adapters need to be extended accordingly.

TOSCA Training and Certification Services

Transitus is a proud partner of Tricentis working closely to build TOSCA talent globally. Transitus has successfully trained more then 300+ test consultants in
TOSCA for Corporate SI’s. We also help individual test consultants with training and certification to make a career in TOSCA.

Parasoft Virtualize

With Virtualize, create, deploy, and manage simulated development or test environments. Virtualize can create realistic simulations by monitoring existing
behavior, enabling users with limited expertise to quickly create reliable test environments.

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