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SNAP Features

Dynamic test case generation and Change Impact Analysis

SNAP generates Dynamic, Optimized and Real-time test cases based on the configurations that exist on the target SaaS /Web Applications. Test Cases are not pre-defined.

SNAP has the ability to identify the impacted test cases for any change in the scope of business requirements, thereby ensuring the relevant changes in scope and their connected functionalities are tested thoroughly, removing business risks.

Test cases verification process and Automated Defect Logging

Ensures early defect identification in the testing lifecycle, enabling early defect fix before test execution. During the validation, if any of the test cases are marked as ‘Rejected’, SNAP will ensure the test cases are logged in as a defect into any Defect Management platform automatically.

The failed test cases as part of the SNAP Intelligent execution are also logged as defects into the Defect Management platform automatically.

Intelligent test cases execution and Distributed Execution

SNAP is Intelligent in its execution as there is no scripting or scanning involved. SNAP ensures there is a 100% automated execution and eliminates the requirement of employing Automation SME’s.

SNAP ensures Parallel Execution of the test cases across multiple nodes to increase the speed of execution and enhance the RoI.

Business Process Dependency Diagram

Business Process Dependency Diagram

SNAP understands the dependencies that exists across entities for a module and then allows the user to view the dependencies to ensure the requirements are validated, before they proceed to the test case generation.

Bi-Directional Traceability

Bi-Directional Traceability

With this feature, the user will be allowed to validate the test requirement coverage. SNAP will ensure the test cases generated are mapped with the requirements and then intelligently assigns the requirement ID to each test case without any manual intervention.


The step-by-step screenshot captured in the execution report, will provide a detailed understanding of the test execution and in case of a failed test case, this will help the user point out to the exact failure reason, reducing the de-bugging time.

A real-time business value dashboard focused in providing the management team with accurate testing time, effort and cost during implementation and test maintenance.