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SNAP Comparison

SNAP Testing Vs Manual and Automated Testing

Testing Phases / Approach

                 SNAP Testing

    Manual Testing /Automated Testing

Requirements Understanding

Manual tester

Manual / Automation tester

Test Cases Preparation

SNAP generated ( No manual effort)

Manual tester (Huge manual effort)

Test Cases Validation / Approval

Business analysts

Business analysts

Test Data Identification

Manual tester

Manual tester

Test Cases Execution

SNAP Intelligent automated execution (No manual effort and less schedule)

Manual tester (Huge manual effort / schedule)

Regression Test Cases Identification for Automation

Manual tester / Business analysts

Automation tester / Business analysts

Automation Framework Development

Not applicable

Automation tester (Manual effort)

Automation Script Development

Not applicable

Automation tester (Huge manual effort)

Automation Execution

SNAP Intelligent automated execution

Tool execution

Increased testing productivity
SNAP Testing Effort = ( Manual + Automation Testing Effort)/4

Effort towards 1000 Manual Test cases and 200 automated Test cases

  • Requirements Understanding
  • Test Cases Preparation
  • Test Data Identification
  • Test Cases Execution
  • Regression Test Cases Identification for Automation
  • Automation Framework Development
  • Automation Script Development
  • Test Data Identification for Automation
  • Automated Execution

Total Testing Effort - Approx. 420 days

Effort towards 1000 Test cases automated using SNAP

  • Requirements Understanding
  • Object / Field Flow Settings
  • Test Data Identification for Automation
  • Automated Execution

Total Testing Effort - Approx. 106 days

Reduced Overall Testing Cost
SNAP Testing Cost = ( Manual + Automation Testing Cost) * 70%

SNAP Vs Competitive Tools Benefits Comparison



Competitive Tools


Overall Testing Lifecycle reduced by approx 70% through SNAP testing methodology

Doesn’t play any role as part of the Testing Lifecycle, since Competitive tools are mere an automation tool


100% Automation Coverage achieved. Removes manual error.

20% Automation Coverage focused around regression test cases.


Overall Testing Cost can be reduced by 70%

Automation is an added cost to the overall testing cost

Automation Tools

Platform handlles E2E automated testing lifecycle. No separate automation tools need to be purchased

Separate automation tools to be purchased


Manual testers or business analysts can do the testing. No specialised automation resources are required

Automation SME's are required for automation development. Separate manual and automation testing team

SNAP Vs Competitive Tools Features Comparison for End to End Testing Lifecycle

Test cases Preparation, Validation and Execution Phases



Competitive Tools

Objective of the tool

Dynamic End to End Testing Lifecycle Platform, assuring increased productivity, enhanced quality and reduced cost of the applications testing

Automation tool, mainly used for automating regression test cases

Test Activities that can be conducted

Test cases generation, Test case validation process, defect logging, automated execution and test reporting

Test cases automation development and execution, test reporting

Test Scenarios / Test Cases Preparation

SNAP Intelligently understands the application configurations /customizations and generates test cases dynamically on real-time.

Not applicable. Test cases need to be prepared by the manual testers

Test Cases Validation (Test cases approval by Business Analysts)

Automated process using GitHub or other respository managements tools. Ensures early defect identification in the testing lifecycle, enabling defect fix before test cases execution

Not applicable. Manual testers collaborate with BA for approval and re-work on the test cases based on the feedback. Defects are identified only during manual test cases execution

Defect Logging

Integrates with JIRA & customer specific tools. Test cases rejected during validation and test cases failed during execution are logged as defect automatically.

Supports integration with JIRA. Manual defect logging

Test Cases Execution

No manual test cases execution required

Not applicable

Test Reporting




 Business metrics dashboard

Test results based dashboard

Test Automation and Testing Types Handled



Competitive Tools

Test Automation Framework and Script Development

No automation framework or any kind of development required for SNAP generated test cases.

To automate every test case, either scripting or scanning or any other methodology need to be used. Requires automation framework development.

Automation Coverage (% of test cases automated as against the overall test cases prepared )



Testing types handled through automated execution

Functional, workflow, integration, end to end and regression testing


Automation SME's

Not required


Distributed Execution



API Testing



Mobile Testing



Integration and End to End Testing

Yes. End to End business sceanrios testing across multiple SaaS applications is possible

Not available in few of the tools, as they are built to automate only specific applications

Browser Testing

Firefox, Chrome, IE/Microsoft Edge. No settings required for each browser

Firefox, Chrome, IE/Microsoft Edge. Settings required for each browser

Continuous Integration /Testing (DevOps - Jenkins & other tools)



Test Maintenance and Misc.



Competitive Tools

Test Maintenance - Change Impact Analysis

In-built Feature. Automated impact analysis

Manual Impact analysis

Test Maintenance - Manual Test Cases Updation

Dynamic Test cases generation using SNAP based on the new enchancements / changes

Manual Test cases updation

Test Maintenance - Automation Test cases updation

No effort required

Manually automated Test cases need to be updated as per automation tool methodology/approach

Applications Migration Testing

No remediation effort

Remediation effort required

License Cost

Platform annual subscription Cost and per test script execution cost

User based licensing. Floating and execution only licenses

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