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Tosca test suite consultants

Transitus NexGen Innovative Solutions has the best TOSCA
Consultants in India. we offer the following services

The First Indian partner to recognize the value of model-based automation approach. With 50+ certified and experienced TOSCA consultants, with expertise in TOSCA Automation Expertise in API, BI/DW, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Siebel.

Tosca Consulting

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TOSCA Technical Services

TOSCA contains a broad set of technology adapters and these adapters offer a certain level of "out of the box" object recognition. In reality there is always a gap between what can be recognized by a standard adapter and what customer applications require. To allow E2E Business process automation, the applications under test must be entirely supported by the tool. Therefore, the respective adapters need to be extended accordingly.

Transitus helps our customers to evaluate the feasibility of test automation using TOSCA for their Enterprise, Web and Mobile applications.


TOSCA Consulting Services

Transitus helps our customers to implement TOSCA Test suite successfully for their landscape ensuring best practices. Implementing TOSCA Continuous Integration and Distributed Execution and Exploratory Testing Assistant. Extension of TOSCA Application Programming Interface and assist in optimizing test cases by minimizing the number of test cases needed to achieve the highest possible risk contribution for each test case


TOSCA End to End Business Scenario Automation Services

TOSCA standard adaptors and TOSCA Application programming interface (API) enables End to End Business scenario automation services across multitechnology applications, thus resolving one of the key business user’s challenges.

TOSCA SAP Automation Services

TOSCA SAP Automation Services

Transitus partnership journey with Tricentis started from supporting SAP with innovative solutions. From there on, Transitus has successfully implemented TOSCA for more then 15+ SAP Global customers using NXTGen SAP Accelerator packaged solutions, validated for SAP HANA.

TOSCA Training and Certification Services

TOSCA Training and Certification Services

Transitus is a proud partner of Tricentis working closely to build TOSCA talent globally. Transitus has successfully trained more then 300+ test consultants in TOSCA for Corporate SI’s. We also help individual test consultants with training and certification to make a career in TOSCA.

Tricentis Certified Implementation Partner

Tricentis Certified Implementation Partner

The Education Program

Transitus in collaboration with Tricentis offers the Tricentis Certified Implementation Partner training program (or TCIP). The main objective of the training program is to provide business partners with expert assistance so they can implement software quality assurance projects in Tosca Testsuite on their own. This special training program provides business partners with sound and wide-ranging training in the entire functionality of Tosca Testsuite and the concepts and solutions based upon it.

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